Vote For Kids

Both of my parents taught me at a very young age how important it was to vote. Clearly, I don’t remember the exact words that were imparted to me (it’s been a while). However, I grew up knowing that I had an opportunity to make choices and that those choices could change the world around me. I also understood this was an opportunity which wasn’t given to everyone and one that passionate advocates fought for me to have. I have vague memories of accompanying my mother to vote in elementary school, excited by the pull lever that open and closed the curtain. I also vividly remember how nervous I was in the voting booth when I took my first vote. I’ve always considered the right to vote a valuable asset that I was lucky to have been given, and therefore, have always loved Election Day.

In short, I’ve never experienced a personal “enthusiasm gap” on Election Day, and I know that that’s likely because of what my parents taught me at a young age. It sounds like I’m primarily advocating here to teach children about the importance of voting, which I do think is imperative. But more importantly, in an Election year that most of the media claims will have low turnout, I’m asking that you VOTE today for those who can’t— our children. And, let me remind you, you certainly don’t have to be a parent to vote for what’s best for children. Your vote today can give a voice to the 20 percent of children living below the poverty line. Your vote today can give children new classrooms, books, and better teachers. Your vote today can make sure a child doesn’t go hungry.

A vote for children today is about the future; the future of your town, cities, and states—the future of this country.

I’ve already taken a vote for children today, but the question is, will you? Don’t sit out the sidelines today. Get out and vote.

Voter Guides on Children’s Issues From a Few of Our State Partners:

New England: ME, NH, VT, CT, RI, MA
New Mexico


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