Thank you for investing in kids

This is what happens when the voices for kids are too loud to ignore — and now the applause needs to be just as loud.

On November 19, the House passed the Build Back Better Act — a bill that puts us on a pathway to ending child poverty through investments like the child tax credit. It finally prioritizes children’s health by funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program the same way we do every other healthcare program. It reverses the dramatic spikes in food insecurity seen during the pandemic. It also gives a critical boost to a struggling child care system, helps prevent youth homelessness, invests in universal pre-K, and so much more.

Simply put — this bill prioritizes kids in a way we tragically haven’t before. It could not have happened without our tireless Champions for Children in the House of Representatives who fought to ensure kids were not shortchanged in the final bill. 

And now, they need to hear from us. Use the form below to send a note to your House member and let them know that you appreciate their vote for kids and encourage them to continue committing to kids — because the fight is far from over!

(P.S. — we've also included a note that you can send even if your Rep voted no! Let them know that you're disappointed and encourage them to vote on the side of children in the future!)