Fact Sheet

Kids Agenda for the 114th Congress

Child Abuse & Neglect
Child Care
Child Rights
Children of Immigrants
Early Childhood
Federal Budget
Housing & Homelessness
Juvenile Justice
Poverty & Family Economics
Tax Policy

114th Congress Kids Agenda - Congress_Page_01More than eight million children will be born in the United States during the 114th Congress. The decisions Congress makes about issues ranging from education to tax and immigration policy will shape their lives. Whether the next two years accelerate or impede the healthy development of those children is up to them.

First Focus Campaign for Children recommends this policy agenda to address the most pressing problems facing America’s children. The agenda is made up of six broad categories: ensuring a healthy future, ensuring every child a safe and permanent home, reducing child poverty, expanding opportunity through education and early childhood, valuing children and families, and investing in children and reforming government. Within each category is a list of goals and actions Congress can take to improve the lives of our children.

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