Children’s Advocates Urge Family Friendly Fiscal Response

Washington — The First Focus Campaign for Children reacted today to comments by congressional leadership and President Barack Obama concerning the upcoming federal budget debate.

“Children have a lot at stake in the coming fiscal debate, so we’re encouraged that the White House and congressional leadership are beginning to explore opportunities for progress,” said First Focus President Bruce Lesley.

An analysis released by First Focus in September showed that investments in children stand to lose $6.4 billion in federal funding in 2013 alone, unless Congress acts. Another First Focus analysis shows that failure to address the tax side of the fiscal equation would also put at risk family tax credits that help meet basic needs like child care, clothes, and school supplies for nearly 30 million children. However, plans passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would replace billions in near-term cuts to children’s initiatives with tens-of-billions in cuts to other children’s initiatives.

“Parents should expect a whole lot more from their leaders in Congress than a fiscal cure that hurts kids more than the disease,” said Lesley.

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Federal Budget Tax Policy Press Release

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