Advierten a migrantes EEUU sobre cambio fiscal

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NGOs criticized on Wednesday a Republican proposal that would deny immigrants who entered the country without authorization tax credits granted to taxpayers with children.

During the debate being conducted by the Senate over a three-month renewal of unemployment benefits for 1.4 million unemployed, which expired in December, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and five other Republicans proposed banning the child tax exemption for to taxpayers who do not have a Social Security number, as a way to offset the cost of $6.300 million.

"I made ​​a sensible proposal that would save billions (of dollars) to prevent illegal immigrants from claiming the child tax exemption," Ayotte said yesterday.

Bruce Lesley, president of the Washington-based advocacy organization The First Focus Campaign for Children, said the proposal " affects millions of vulnerable children in the United States and threatens to bring more children into poverty. Our message to Congress is: find a smart solution, don't exclude children."


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