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Families at risk of becoming involved in the child welfare system can benefit greatly from services to help them keep their kids in their care. Currently, the majority of federal dollars can only be used once a child enters foster care, and there is little investment in preventing a child’s removal from the home.


The Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 provides an opportunity for states to use federal dollars for specific services such as substance abuse treatment, parenting skills and mental health services to help address the root causes that lead to the neglect and eventual removal of children from their homes.


The Family First Act also ensures that kids are placed, whenever possible with relatives or loving families by creating safeguards so fewer children enter into group homes. 1 in 7 foster youth are placed in institutions instead of families. As one former foster youth said, “group homes will never be able to give youth all the things that a loving family can. Group homes are temporary. Families should be forever.” Make sure your member of Congress knows how important this bill is for children. Please contact their office and help spread the word.


Read the fact sheet to learn more about the Family First Prevention Services Act.

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Please join the First Focus Campaign for Children in urging your Member of Congress to take action in support of the Family First Act.


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